Boris Mihaljevic

Rogue, and member of the Swords of Malada


Boris is a 39-year-old Shtokavian man of common ancestry, black of hair and with green eyes. Agile and well-accustomed to darkness, Boris is skilled in tumbling, balance, disguise, and blind fighting. Although illiterate, his sharp eye for detail and steady hand make him a natural forger. He can fight with a longsword, short bow, and throwing daggers.

Notable Possessions

Gonladhiel – a magical elven longsword
Oil of Fiery Burning
Potion of Water Breathing
Amulet of Non-Detection


Boris Mihaljevic is a native of Ludbreg, though only recently returned from a stint in the royal navy of Epesch, where he sailed under the famed privateer Knego Divich, the Seahound. During his tenure as a sailor and pirate hunter, Boris tangled frequently with the slavers of The Shield.

In more recent months, Boris has found employ in the Swords of Malada, though he earns his room and board as a gambler and muscle at the Mudwheel.

Boris Mihaljevic

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