Kresimir Demagojevic

Mage and leader of the Swords of Malada


Kresimir is a 36-year-old Shtokavian mage, living in Ludbreg. He’s a member of the Swords of Madala. He can speak Shtokavian, Remaic, High Remaic, and Goblinese. As an educated man, he can both read and write, and is knowledgeable of ancient history, heraldry, etiquette, dancing, herbalism, and spellcraft. Kresimir is black of hair with green eyes.

Notable Possessions

Staff of Malada – a charred oak staff which sprays flame on command.
Oil of Etherealness – a magical oil.
Ring of Protection – a magic ring.
Wand of Magic Missile – a magic wand.
Kresimir’s Spellbook – a tome containing his known spells, journal, correspondence, etc.
Zelimir – a light warhorse.


Kresimir Demagojevic is the nephew of Dmitar Gorjanski. He arrived in Ludbreg some years ago as an apprentice, following his uncle from Epesch. His studies have proven fruitful and he’s held in high esteem in the community as a capable and trustworthy mage.

It was Kresimir who first answered the Burgher’s call for volunteers when the ruins of Malada swarmed with undead. After assembling his companions, Kresimir led them to victory.

Kresimir Demagojevic

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