Nananoria Tidana

Proprietor of Tasty Balms


Nananoria runs the scroll and potion shop in Gnome Town, called Tasty Balms. Cirilli Tidana is her sister. She is married to Kyliki Paddlethwait.

Gnomish Illusionist 5

Str 7
Dex 11
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 13
Cha 12

Spells: 5/3/2
1st- Audible Glamer, Cantrip, Change Self, Nystul’s Magical Aura, Phantasmal Force, Spook, Ventriloquism.
2nd- Blindness, Blur, Deafness, Fools’ Gold, Hypnotic Pattern, Improved Phantasmal Force, Invisibility, Leomund’s Trap, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Whispering Wind.
3rd- Illusionary Script, Invisibility 10’ Radius, Phantom Steed, Spectral Force, Wraithform.

Nananoria has three apprentices (Wiz 1) named Aurora Vadiones, Miep Danask, and Annikko Petrinal.


Nananoria Tidana

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