Teodor Vukasin

Ranger and member of the Swords


Teodor Vukasin is a Shtokavian ranger of 30 years age, blond of hair with brown eyes. He speaks Shtokavian and Remaic, though he can read neither. As a woodsman, Teodor is skilled in tracking, hunting, wilderness survival, fire-building, and has an uncanny ability for predicting changes in weather. He fights with a longsword and hatchet, one in each hand, or with a longbow as needed. His affinity for animals is highly valued in Ludbreg.

Somewhat less well known is his hatred of goblinkind following the murder of his parents at a young age. Teodor’s wrath can hardly be staid when he smells goblins on the wind or hears rumors of them dwelling nearby.

Notable Possessions

Goliadhel – a magical elven sword
Vukasin Mantle – a chain sark and family heirloom
Potion of Healing
Potion of Hill Giant Strength
Viktor – Teodor’s wolf companion


Born of common ancestry, Teodor has far exceeded anyone’s expectations by ascending to the station of Master of Horse in the Burgher‘s household due in no small part to his talent with animals. As a devout believer in the sanctity of nature, he’s become a friend and pupil of Leonid Kavran, the druid of Malada.

Teodor serves the Swords of Malada as a warrior and guide.

Teodor Vukasin

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