Cloakshadow. The Sly One. Master of Illusion. Lord in Disguise. Night’s Twin.

Cloakshadow is a neutral-good deity of illusions, protection, and deception, and serves as the patron god of goodly fugitives on the run for crimes they did not commit. His clergy exists in secret, weaving illusory magicks to conceal their existence, and working to aid people of good alignment in need of their services. Her symbol is the cloak and dagger.

The Lord in Disguise teaches that deception is the only reliable way to find safety in a dangerous world. Her followers are encouraged to avoid trusting others and to prepare for the worst. They are taught to seek vengeance by humiliation rather than violence.

With regard to Law and Chaos, The Sly One demonstrates a moral principle called “the twining road,” which recommends presenting a law-abiding face for the good of society, but recognizing that it has no inherent virtue in-and-of itself. Followers of the twining road frequently skirt the law, in particular over matters of taxation, census, and any mandatory military service. They pose as loyal servants of whatever power, but press for secret ballots and the like so that they can oppose tyranny without being exposed.


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