The Wild Wanderer

The Wild Wanderer. The Masked Leaf. The Forest Gnome. Father of Fish and Fungus.

The Wild Wanderer is a neutral-good deity of nature and travel, with a particular love of forests and woodlands. He is the personification of wanderlust, and the patron god of nomads and transients. He teaches that it is hubris to build castles and cities when none can compare to the majestic palace already provided by the world itself.

Followers of the Masked Leaf never stay in one place for long, save for his clergy who take on responsibility for specific regions—and even they are loathe to commit for more than a few seasons. Among civilized folk, The Wanderer’s faithful include sailors, masons, teamsters, adventurers, and others whose livelihoods prevent them from raising a hearth in any one location.

The Forest Gnome’s symbol is of his sacred animal, the raccoon. His holy days align with the full moon, and supplicants are encouraged to sacrifice treasured items on those nights as proof that they are not bound by ownership or possession.

The Wild Wanderer

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